God’s Way of Welcoming Change.

Circumstance is just a canvas. What’s painted on it depends on our heart’s attitude and our life’s principles. Don't be afraid of change. If God allows change, it is for good. The world is always changing, but the righteous people will not waver. Whatever we face, we can adapt and find God’s purpose and plan.

In every change, there is a blessing prepared by God for believers who can grasp the guidance of the Word. The best way to find blessings in change starts from an intimacy with God. Following God must be with a calm heart and a calm soul, because a panicked and double-minded heart will not receive anything.

In Matthew 17:2-3, when Jesus transfigured before the very eyes of His disciples, it appeared that Moses and Elijah were talking to Him. Moses symbolised Torah, while Elijah symbolised the Holy Spirit’s power or ministry. We can’t eavesdrop on what Moses and Elijah discussed with Jesus, as so with God’s thoughts about our situation. Therefore, we must live by faith. The Word we hear on earth is what we must be held accountable for.

We're not the first or the last people to experience our situation right now. There have been people who have experienced it and ended up with victory and miracles from God. If others are helped by God, so will we. God's hands are open to all of us.

There are 3 monuments of the flesh that we shouldn’t carry if we are to enter a future full of hope:

  1. Pride &Trauma in the Past
    God wants to teach us new things, so don't bring our pride & trauma from the past into our future.
  2. Current Theory & Tradition
    Principles and theories that are not aligned with the Word must be discarded.
  3. Not involving God in our future
    Don’t abandon God when we are restored and blessed.

 If we want to welcome change in God’s way and want God to lead us into a full of hope future, then remember these three things to bring into the future:

  1. Bring "Peter": Bring what ignites repentance
    Carry things that will remind and encourage us in our repentance: A humble heart before God, realising we are sinners and living a contrite life everyday. Bring friends that remind us to fear God, instead of falling into a trap. Choose a friendship that will sharpen us in God.
  2.  Bring "James": Bring what ignites the spirit
    Don't listen to the negatives. We need to know just enough about what's going on in this world. What’s more, we must be full of the Good News and God’s promises that ignite our spirit.
  3. Bring "John": Bring what ignites love
    Forget and leave all bitterness and hate behind, because it will not bring any good, it will harm and tear us down.

The outer changes must be accompanied by changes inside. It is the change inside of us that prepares us to accept change from the outside. These are inner changes that make God’s plan happen:

  1. Loving God - "This is my beloved Son”
    If we want to target a change, let’s change our hearts to be deeper in love with Jesus. That's how to welcome the world’s change in God’s way.
  2. Letting God - "to Him I am pleased”
    Say it often, "If it is God’s will, if this pleases God, let it happen according to God's will." Accept what happened after we tried. Even sometimes God will allow us to lose something.
  3. Listen to God- "listen to Him"
    If God says forgive, love, pray, obey, keep pure, then listen to God. Listening to God is the beginning of glory.

Excerpted from Ps. Philip Mantofa's Sermon, 06 June 2021, Youtube & Insatgram Live