Secret To Success

“I cling to you; Your right hand upholds me.”
(Psalm 63:8)

The verse above explains how David’s heart cried out, longing for God’s presence. As David uttered those words, he stripped himself off all his high positions, including as king of Israel, just to be under God and close to His heart. I  covet this verse for us. Whatever worldly status we pride ourselves in, God longs for us to come back to the heavenly one—the root of our being—that we are just His sons and daughters who long to love Him.

As a matter of fact, a heart like this is the beginning of a true breakthrough and a sure sign of victory. When we decide to know the Father as pure as we can, just as a baby does, something good will happen in our life! From the verse above, I learn the 2 sides of David’s secret to success:

  1. A heart that clings to God
    Most people only want the second part of 63:8 – “Your right hand upholds me”—which speaks of God’s blessings, obviously. David, however, first of all directed all of his inner most being to God. No wonder God refers to David as “a man after His own heart,” because David knew exactly how to surrender completely to God’s will. In that light, David was one distinguished man compared to his peers and all peoples of all ages. His heart’s capacity to trust was one head above the crowd!
    And it is still true today, that a heart which is wholly dependent on Christ is always the first key to life’s success. When such a heart is found in us; when God becomes our first and last resort; when His Word overcomes  our emotions, His blessings will surely follow and success will be inevitable!

  2. A heart that unites with God
    What is the goal of our life? To be rich and famous? Even though David was such a successful and famous king of Israel, his ultimate goal in life was to build an unbroken relationship with his God all the days of his life. David’s heart was so united with his God, that he thought what God thought and felt what God felt.

Do you know that God still rewards whoever pursues Him as David did? God opens certain doors only for certain individuals whose hearts are completely commited to Him! Know that every second we spend lingering in the presence of God is a great opportunity to be likeminded with Him and a great investment of our time. Being near God prepares us for any impossible situation we might encounter ahead. Uniting our hearts with Him only draws His provision and welcomes His protection over us!

Whenever we are tempted to question why so many breakthroughs haven’t happened in our life, the answer lies in a heart that wonders from its Creator. Cling to God and unite with Him, and you’d find yourself walking on the water and not drowning. As long as your heart hasn’t returned to God, whatever method you apply, will never make any difference because God is not walking with you. Seek God, not success—that, my friend, is the secret to success! Hurry, get on your knees, God has been waiting for you...

By Philip Mantofa