"For we who have believed do enter that rest, as He has said: “So I swore in My wrath, ‘They shall not enter My rest,’” although the works were finished from the foundation of the world."
(Hebrew 4:3)

The passage above tells us that we who believe in Jesus will enter a rest prepared for us in heaven. But do you know that this rest is also available for us while we are alive here on earth? Life is a battle. Problems never fail to present themselves in every aspect of life such as study, family, job, marriage, and finance. The good news is however desperate our situations are our souls can always find rest in Him. When the world seems to be crushing us, let’s believe that it cannot destroy us.

What is this so-called heavenly oasis in the middle of the desert of life’s problems? It is the presence of God! It’s true that the presence of God doesn’t always make the scene of miracles like the blind sees or the lame walks. Yet, the presence of God can breeze into our hearts in the unspeakable feelings of serenity when we face life’s toughest bouts. Strength is the simplest manifestation of His presence. The presence of God enables us to pray in the midst of barraging problems, lifting up our spirits to believe that God listens to our petitions. This would be the start of any help that comes from above. To feel God’s presence is our greatest privilege, and that presence only intensifies as we praise and worship Him during life’s most difficult moments!

Every ‘hallelujah’ or ‘Praise God’ that we can still utter in the middle of a storm itself is a proof that God is present with us. Knowing that Jesus never leaves us nor forsakes us, we find strength to call upon Him in our anxiety, there we find our rest. Truly, every believer in Jesus can rest in any circumstance and challenge.

How can we have faith in Jesus to enter His rest and receive His help?

  1. By surrendering!
    We cannot rest if we keep fighting on our own. Only when our hearts completely turn to Christ in surrender, we can enterHis rest. As our will becomes enthroned in His love, we receive the help we’ve needed from above.
  2. By crying out!
    In our daily struggles, sometimes our minds are too cramped to give room for His voice. Imagine yourself screaming in the middle of a heavy metal concert. Nobody would hear you! Crying out, which is preceded by surrender, is most effective to resonate your voice of prayer in the Father’s throne.
  3. By giving thanks!
    We can’t help but be overwhelmed with thanksgiving when we realize how far greater God is than the problems we're facing all combined. He is still the same Jesus, who had five loaves of bread and two fishes in His hands, gave thanks over them and solved the problems of the 5000. That’s how powerful giving thanks is.

Rest in the place He has provided for us in His presence. Every burden shall be lifted up and every yoke shall be broken as we learn the art of surrendering, crying out and giving thanks to Jesus!

Ps. Philip Mantofa, BRE

As our will becomes enthroned in His love, we receive the help we’ve needed from above.